Two months ago, exactly on Thursday, 21st May, 2009, me and my 052 friends went to TeeBox at Kebayoran, Jakarta Selatan. Actually, we had planned that quite sudden… and as the result, a few of my friends couldn’t join the gathering. Here are the names which joined at that day (exclude me):

  1. Hanny Ali (NY)
  2. The Agus Santoso (TU)
  3. Januar Santoso (JN)
  4. Novita Lorraine (NI)
  5. Erwin Sutedja Mulyawan (ED)
  6. Lisa Mardelysa (LY)
  7. Hendoko (KO)
  8. Yolanda Clarista Sari (CL)
  9. Richard Saputra (RT)
  10. Indra Dwi Rianto (DR)
  11. Yuliani (YL)
  12. Tris Setiawan (TS)
  13. Rocky (RY) and his girlfriend, Irfanny
  14. Yohan Suryadi (YH) and his girlfriend, Jennyfer

And here are the names which didn’t join at that day:

  1. Johanes Jerricho Wijaya (JJ)
  2. Harry Kusuma (HM)
  3. Timotius Sakti (TM)
  4. Vicky Sanjaya (VS)
  5. Gaston (GO)
  6. Herwin (HI)
  7. Jefry Cahyadi (JY)

Most of them (including me) joined with TU’s car while others joined with YH’s car or rode by themselves. Except those who rode by themselves, we waited together at Indomaret, in front of Syahdan campus. And at that time, we thought CL wouldn’t join us because of her sick. But later she joined with us after LY’s convinced her so much ^^

We started to moving after a few minutes left from 6 o’clock and arrived there at around 7 o’clock. Damn that time, the sky was raining and the streets got flooded. Me and the others at TU’s car were afraid because YH’s car was sedan. But fortunately, all of us could arrive safely at there.

First impression I got, the place was quite cool, cozy, and really comfortable, and look like others also agreed with me. The restaurant itself was placed on second floor with a few glasses attached to the building so we could look inside.

TeeBox provided two systems for ordering the food, there were: a la carte and buffet. We choose buffet because that let us have less expenses but more on the food (well, you can have more and more food if you like, and the expenses not even changed for a single penny, that’s great, isn’t it?). The buffet itself actually must have us 25 people in total, but as you can see from the list above, we just 17 people. It’s all thanks to NY that she could convinced the marketing so much so they let us buy the buffet vouchers for 20 people and just let the rule go (yeah, we just 17 people, still less 3 people).

Well, actually, the buffet voucher exclude the beverage and that’s the disadvantage of this place. The beverage itself is really expensive here, i.e. you can have the ice tea (plain or sweet) for Rp 15.000,-, (exclude tax), and not just that, you can’t refill your glass! How stingy they are! Actually, there are some refill-able beverages but it cost more expensive 😦 What about wine and champagne? They have it all. A glass of wine cost you Rp 55.000,- (exclude tax) and a bottle of wine cost you around 1.5 million rupiah (exclude tax). Surely expensive, isn’t it?

So, we had a plan before we go ^^ we brought some drink without the waiters noticing (yeah, we cheated, and that’s for our own thrifty) and for camouflage, a few of us must order the beverages… well, at the end, I thought that the waiters there knew we cheated but they just let us had it.

Now, what about the food? For buffet restaurant, they have a little less range than the normal, but they did have good choices. There were four kinds of dim sum, such as hakau, siomay, chicken feet, and spring roll, some selective beef foods (the one I remembered only Beef Stroganoff, it cooked with creamy sauce and garlic, so yummy), carps with pineapple, sliced potatoes with black pepper, fried rice, Italian pasta (fettuccine, spaghetti, and rigatoni) with two kinds of sauce, Carbonara or Bolognese, French crepes with lemonade sauce, kebab-like (actually it’s French bread with beef inside, the appearance really similar with hotdog) with peanut sauce, Bali rice, and Laksa. In salad bar, there are sushi (I really loved the maguro (tuna) and sake (salmon) there), sashimi (the kani – crab – was really nice), fruit-beef-veggie salad, some desserts like puddings and cocktails, cakes and pastries, and Singaporean ice cream.

We ate, not long after we arrived. And after we have full enough, we had games. NY and TU become the game committees. They divided us into two groups. The first group had game in pair. The game made us move peanuts with spoon in mouth from one plate into another. The other group also had game in pair. The game made us move rubber one-by-one with straw in mouth from one chair into another. The winner from each group then have one game again to decide who’s the real winner. The game made them being blinded and they have to place the pen hanging on their waist into a plastic glass. After the game, some of us ate again and others just had photographed or just sat on cozy sofa while watching AXN on LCD.

We started to go home at around 9.30 and we noticed that the first floor was club house. Well, some of us want to see inside but we thought we should order more drink, so we canceled to had another “party” (see 4 paragraphs above and you’ll know why we canceled it). And that’s all.

For you who curious about the place, here’s the address:

Jl. Wijaya II No 123
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta, 12160
(021) 723 4475

PS: thanks for NY and ED for allowing me to used their photos.