Uugghhh… I really have to say that there are always bad news for Nodame fans. As you know, not long ago, there is a news about her having acute appendicitis. And now what? The third anime series will be postponed back to January next year, 2010! Damn! That’s too long for awaited Nodame fans! I won’t forgive them if they make it short (well, I prefer to have it more than 20 episodes since the second season had many cut scenes). But… ya, nothing much we can do. Just waiting in patience are all we can do, aren’t we?

The third anime of Nodame Cantabile will be named as Nodame Cantabile: Finale. It will be the last franchise for the anime (oh no!), according to ANN. The anime will taken the Noitamina slot time like previous second season. About the two 2009-2010 live-action films, according to Comic Natalie, it seems the new cast members already been announced. Shosuke Tanihara will act as Matsuda Yukihisa, Nadagi Takeshi as Theo (Le Marlet secretary), and Chad Mullane as Paul (Le Marlet Bason player). And the last one, the manga chapter 132 is scheduled to release on 25th July. You can see the news here.