Well… as you know, this morning there were two bomb explosions in JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotel, Jakarta. As Kompas said officially:

A pair of powerful explosions killed nine and wounded at least 50 people in an upscale Jakarta neighborhood Friday morning, sending debris and glass flying onto the streets.

I won’t retelling the whole story again… as many media already published enormously today. But ya… there are many speculations about this accident (as I heard from friends, internet, and other media), such as:

  1. This accident brought by Islamic extremist, such as Jemaah Islamiyah or other terrorist groups,
  2. Someone in Indonesia or other countries didn’t want Manchester United come to Jakarta (FYI, MU team would take a rest in JW Marriott),
  3. Unknown businessman who wants Three (a telecommunication company) go bankrupt,
  4. Some people in Indonesia that didn’t satisfied with the presidential election result,
  5. Some people that didn’t want Indonesia being peace, and many others.

Indonesia president and many others seem to believed that speculation #1 above is the most possible one. But another speculations, such as #2 and #4 also seem possible in my opinion. And if you combined #1 and #2 into one packet, it seems possible too (ya, you know, Islamic extremist really hates whites/Jews/non-Islam people, thus, we can called it Hate Crimes). But ya, again… these are just speculations I heard.

I really feel sorry to my country. In such crisis time like nowadays, this accident just make the economic climate going to worse and worse, and it’s same with tourism matter. And for MU fans, I know you really disappointed with the cancelation of MU team arrival. But, I think it’s still a good way that they cancel it.  What if another explosion occurr and they became the victim? I can’t imagine how bad Indonesia in international scene would be.

Please share your opinion readers…