For you who wants to download something but you don’t have the MegaUpload/RapidShare premium account and fortunately, you know that file being listed in bot server somewhere in IRC channel but sadly, you don’t know how to download them, here’s your help.

If you already have Firefox and ChatZilla, follow from number #2, otherwise follow from number #1:

  1. Download Mozilla Firefox here and install ChatZilla add-on here (you will have to restart the Firefox after you install this add-on),
  2. Open your Firefox and type “irc://” (without quote, I use Rizon as example) in the address bar, and ChatZilla window will open,
  3. And now, just wait until IRC server message being listed completely.

If you haven’t register at Rizon yet and you want to reserved your nickname just for yourself, follow these:

  1. Click the button which has the current nickname at the lower right and select “Change nickname…“,
  2. The input dialog will open and type in your new nickname, click OK,
  3. Type “/msg NickServ register your_nickname_password your_email” (without quote) in input bar,
  4. Wait till success message seen on the screen,
  5. Open your email and check whether you receive the activation email from Rizon or not. If you have, then follow the activation instructions given there.  If y0u haven’t received, wait a few minutes and try again. If you still haven’t received, restart from step 3 and use another email address.

So now, you have your nickname being set, follow these to join any channel (if you already reserved your nickname at Rizon, follow from number #1, otherwise, follow from number #2):

  1. Type “/msg NickServ identify your_nickname_password” (without quote) in input bar and wait till the server recognise you,
  2. Type “/join #channel_name” (without quote) in input bar and wait till the channel window open.

Okay, now, you are ready to download the file you want. These steps can be followed after you knew the listing number of the file in the bot server, without that number, you will have to find the file first (I’ll describe it later):

  1. If you want to make sure the file is the one you want, just type “/msg bot_name xdcc info #file_number” (without quote) in input bar and later the file information will be listed,
  2. Type again “/msg bot_name xdcc send #file_number” (without quote) in input bar to download the file and wait till the bot server send you the confirmation,
  3. Choose “Accept” and place your download in any folder you want, then save,
  4. And now, wait till the download finish.

Before you find the file using the latter command, I want to remind you that not all IRC channel allowing this command. Please read the channel rules before you using it. So, to find the file, you must know part of the file name. If you already know, just type “@find filename_fragment1 filename_fragment2 …” (without quote) in input bar. As you can see, the file name fragment can be many.

Hope you find your help here 😀