I’ve just seen the news on detikinet website and Nokia website today that Nokia revealed the gossip about their newest netbook. Here’s the snapshot of the news from Nokia website:

The new Nokia Booklet 3G will be a Windows-based machine, supported by an efficient Intel Atom processor that promises the performance of a full-function PC. It’s efficiency credentials are boldly punctuated with battery life that stretches up to 12 hours (with normal daily use, of course – don’t expect a 12-hour Quake-fest off a single hit of juice).

Turning our attention to mini matters of a tape-measure nature, the Nokia Booklet 3G comes toting a glass 10.1-inch HD display (it has an HDMI port for HD video out). This lives within its smart aluminium shell which measures in at just 2cm thin and tips the scales at around a kilogram to ensure it’s extremely portable.

And how about the look? Let see the picture below:

Nokia NetBook 3G

Nokia NetBook 3G

Looks rather usual? Well… I just think it’s not usual because of the features it has, it’s surely different from other netbook. I can’t wait to see it directly before my eyes >< just hope it come to Indonesia very soon.