Well, to be honest, I’ve many thoughts these three weeks that sometimes made me bored or sad. Well, the latter one, especially because of no money, sigh…

My almost-8-year CRT monitor finally crashed, or to be exactly (I guessed) it had short circuit in its tube that made its OSD menu went wild (made the screen more red or more blue or too dark because of its low contrast or too left or too right or too trapezoid, etc, made me had eye cancer!). Good news for me, it still turn on although its condition like I mentioned above. Bad news, I don’t have enough money to buy the new one 😦

Thanks for Wita help, my best childhood friend, I could borrow her old CRT monitor although it stood for 3 days only at my home. Why? I guessed it also had short circuit that made it totally off. Well, I didn’t expect it to be as good as the new one because it’s old monitor too. How bad fortune I had 😦

Now, about the job… I really have much free time right now since my company still don’t have any project to work on. Yeah, and it’s almost three weeks (minus one day, that is tomorrow). And while in this state, I thought I would do something, i.e. make a little project for myself (to be exactly, it’s an anime database program), go on vacation to somewhere (I would love to go to Bangka-Belitung then Bali then Thailand and last, Vietnam), practice video subbing using Aegisub for my own self, and many more.

But the reality… ha-ha-ha (in a bitter way)… The first one (about the anime database program), until this time, I still don’t finish it although the planning itself had started in my first free week. Why? I’m too bored with programming and such. I need something green and cool to feel (my missing-mountain sick). And goes there second plan, go to somewhere else for vacation…ha-ha-ha (again, in a bitter way)… I don’t have enough money to go to else where. Uuhhh… so sad to be poor. Well, even if I have the money, I still can’t go to outside Indonesia cause right now, I don’t have a passport and a digital camera (of course, it’s important because I would like to have those sceneries for my own purpose).

What about my plan for practicing video subbing? It’s totally undone. Till this point, I never open the program itself (that is Aegisub). I’m too lazy and too bored to do such things. If you are an Aegisub user, you will know how time-consuming to do the timing… matching the first sound of conversation to the end sound of the conversation, one-by-one, uughh… so lazy to do that. Well, I guess I’m still a beginner in this subbing world.

“You can write a blog then”, that maybe one suggestion from you. To be honest, I’ve just get this idea two days ago. As you can see, there’s a post in my blog two days ago and that’s the result of the idea. Damn, why don’t this idea come faster! But still, write a blog is not easy as you thought. You must know what exactly the topic you want to write and sometimes, it’s hard to find a suitable topic. You won’t write a line or two, will you? It’s your Twitter or your Facebook status stuff, not a blog.

Zelda Minish Cap Snapshots

Zelda Minish Cap Snapshots

And right now, I’m very happy that finally, I can finish almost-totally one of the Zelda series, that is Zelda Minish Cap. Almost of all the secrets, such as: kinstone fusions, side quests, and figurines, are finished (as you can see from picture above, I got Mirror Shield, Tingle Trophy, and Carlov Medal). I’m so satisfied. You know, how frustrating to fuse 100 kinstones when many of the fusers are fickle. The figurines also so frustrating, especially when it’s below 50%. The last thing I never made it finish is Cuckoo Catching Game, it’s so damn hard to catch all those cuckoos (I’m stuck in 5 cuckoos per 50 seconds). But somehow, cause of it that made me feel excited too. Sounds paradox isn’t it? Well, you know, Zelda is one of the best game ever. Dreaming that someday I will have one Wii console and play another Zelda series with big LED TV… ha-ha-ha, no money, like that would ever happened 😦 so sad being poor.