According to Kompas and DetikNews, another earthquake occurred this morning at 07:52 WIB with magnitude 5.9 SR and the epicenter located 15 km deep in the sea, north west Ujung Kulon, Banten. It seems that this one is an after shock, following the two days ago earthquake. The shock itself felt in Lampung but not in Jakarta 😦 Hope there will be no earthquake anymore.

Illustration of Earthquake

Illustration of Earthquake (courtesy of Kompas)

Many of us felt that the earthquake these days is a sign from God to remind us to behave properly. And it’s just not about the earthquake too. Like the one happened on Nordaustlandet in Svalbard archipelago, Norway (you can see the news here and here), a glacier in the melting ice wall seems like a crying face. See… many of us believe that the mother of nature was crying too. It’s just not about the climate changed but the human itself. We must behave properly on these bad days and use the resources God gave properly too. Do you agree with me?

Tears of Mother Nature (courtesy of Gossip Rocks)

Tears of Mother Nature (courtesy of Barcroft Media)

And the more important thing is we must face every problem with smile. Yeah… true smile. And today, still related with the smile, Kompas have a news that the smile Indonesian gave to tourist and based on Malaysian tourist experiences, the smile seemed like a fake smile! OMG… another sensitive issue. Well, it may be true that we, Indonesian, give many “fake smile” to Malaysian tourist on these days because, as you all know, Malaysia and Indonesia these days have a “hot-and-bad” relationship. At one side, Malaysian “often” claim Indonesia cultures (i.e. Batik, Angklung, etc) and properties (i.e. Jemur Island, etc) and at the other side, Indonesian feel disappointed and angry with Malaysian’s claims. So, I think it’s still common-sense for people who face this problem to give a fake smile to the “enemy”, don’t you?

But… okay… let settle this with cold head and true smile. IMHO, we as Indonesian have a mistake and Malaysian also have a mistake. The mistakes are: Indonesian people seems very easy to be provocating with the Malaysian issue and still many of us don’t know well our own cultures. On the other side, Malaysian people are often provocating Indonesian people anger and seemed that they have careless control on tourism and cultures issue on their hands.

As the host of tourism, we shouldn’t give any differentiation for Malaysian tourist since they pay for the trip (like many other tourist, domestically and internationally) except that we don’t have any relationship with them (of course not, the embassy itself located in Jakarta) or the nation itself is the source for terrorism (like USA did to a few countries). Why do we give them that? I think it’s more comfortable to give them a true smile and good hospitality so they know that we, Indonesian people, are good people. And also, we must know well and preserve our own cultures and properties so foreign people, including Malaysian, know that the cultures and properties are our own. In fact, there are a lot of things that we can do to preserve our own, right? Share your thoughts here if you have, readers 🙂