Well, I know I’m late to post this news, but better than nothing, right? The Twilight Saga: New Moon, a sequel from Twilight movie and also the second novel in Twilight Saga, finally released their 3rd movie trailer two days ago which showed more Volturi members and their actions. Curious about it? Here is the trailer:

Well… don’t know why, but I’m very excited to see the cruelness of the Volturi members, especially Jane (casted by Dakota Fanning) since in the book she’s so damn cruel. But ya… I think we have to wait a little bit more time because this movie will be in theater on 20 November 2009.

And this one is my complaint… I don’t know why but these days, Tangerang is so damn hot, as well as Jakarta. All days are sunny and if I correctly remember, there are only 4-5 rainy days along this August-September. I easily have dehydration and can’t lasting at outside more than an half hour. And unfortunately, my air conditioner recently looks like going to broken. Another old electronic in my home and I guess I have to replace it soon or later, depends on how much my money will be 😦 sigh… why oh why?