That question was in my mind all these days. As you know, governmental leaves took place from Friday last week till today, Wednesday, and seems majority – if not all companies – took the same time for its employees. Thus, it means holiday… but, you know, holiday with no money means bad (or even worst) holiday. I couldn’t go to anywhere because of no money 😦

So, what did I do to fulfill my boredom? First day… I just slept all day long… recovering my mind state from stressful job. Seems good? Not exactly because I couldn’t sleep that night. I guess I slept too much.

Second day… well, the planning actually go to my friend’s house (Hengki’s house) in the morning with two others (Subur and Meickel), but it slipped away to afternoon 🙂 rubber time. That day, we just talked and ate, shared thoughts to each other, etc. My boredom quite fading a little.

Romance of Three Kingdoms

Romance of Three Kingdoms

Third to Fifth day… My boredom tightened me up. Just watching anime and… well, it’s quite a good TV series, it’s Romance of Three Kingdoms. I watched it from episode 31 to 45, it’s the part when Zhuge Liang go to East Wu (Dong Wu) to make an alliance for fighting Cao Cao armies and the Battle of Chibi occurred in this part. But ya… just this 😦

And the final day, which is today, I don’t know what should I do, thus this writing appear in my blog 🙂