Kompas. Government has stated the highway price adjustment today. As you all know, this statement being taken every two years. The adjustment being agreed after Djoko Kirmanto, the Minister of General Affair, based on minister act no. 514/KPTS/2009 about the highway price adjustment. This adjustment will be taken place immediately on Monday, 28th September 2009.

Highway Illustration (courtesy of Kompas)

Highway Illustration (courtesy of Kompas)

At press conference in General Affair Department today, Highway Rule Department Head Officer, Nurdin Manurung, said “Actually, this adjustment must be taken place on 4th September 2009 based on the agreement between the highway companies.” So, it had been delayed for three weeks now.

Here are the new highway price adjustment:

  1. Jakarta-Bogor-Ciawi highway (59 km), before: Rp 5500, after: Rp 6500,
  2. Jakarta-Tangerang highway (33 km), before: Rp 3500, after: Rp 4000,
  3. Jakarta inner ring road highway (50.6 km), before: Rp. 5500, after: Rp 6500,
  4. Jakarta outer ring road (45,37 km), before: Rp 6000, after: Rp 7000,
  5. Padalarang-Cileunyi highway (64.4 km), before: Rp 5500, after: Rp 6500,
  6. Semarang highway section A, B, and C (24.75 km), before: Rp 1500, after: Rp 2000,
  7. Semarang-Gempol (Waru-Sidoarjo) highway (49 km), before: Rp 2000, after: Rp 2500,
  8. Palimanan-Kanci highway (26.3 km), before: Rp 7000, after: Rp 8500,
  9. Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang highway (58.5 km), before: Rp 24500, after: Rp 27500,
  10. Medan-Belawan-Tj.Morawa highway (42.7 km), before: Rp 4500, after: Rp 5000,
  11. Serpong-Pondok Aren highway (7.25 km), before: Rp 3500, after: Rp 4000,
  12. Tangerang-Merak highway (73 km), before: Rp 18000, after: Rp 28500,
  13. Ujung Pandang highway part I and II (6.05 km), before: Rp 2000, after: Rp 2500,
  14. Pondok Aren-Ulujami highway (5.55 km) just for trucks in 2nd section (Golongan II), before: Rp 3500, after: Rp 4000.

So, based on the list above, the adjustments mostly are Rp 500 and the biggest one is Rp 10500. Well, wishfully there will be no adjustment for transportation cost too 😦