As you already know, Nodame Cantabile manga had ended on October 10th, 2009 and, in my opinion, the ending is fairly good although it still have some things hanging around, i.e. Nodame’s dream to have a concert with Chiaki (although Chiaki said it, the scenes of the concert weren’t being drawn), etc. Another opinion, I think the last book of Nodame Cantabile will be the thinest among the others. I really hope Ninomiya sensei could add some extra side stories in the last book when it comes out.

Another thing… Maybe some of you already know that Nodame Cantabile anime had an OVA (original video animation) and it was released on 10th August 2009, along with Nodame Cantabile manga volume 22. This OVA had scenery similar to Nodame Cantabile: Pari-hen. Same style for background image/scenery. So, how’s the story? Here’s the synopsis 🙂

The story began with Matsuda Yukihisa walking in Paris airport, very similar to the beginning of the first episode of Nodame Cantabile: Pari-hen. He also was conducting Recyl Orchestra and M Orchestra and he felt that his life is just as perfect as a well planning. After the concert, the orchestra members gathered around in a cafe and they were talking about the Marlet Orchestra new conductor, that’s Chiaki. Later, they praised Chiaki because of his first position in Platini Competition and the fact that he also the only pupil of Franz von Stressemann.

But Matsuda appeared and talked to the orchestra member that he also a number one and he was studied under Kurosawa, not to be mistaken with the name of the film director 😀 funny part 😀 Well, later the orchestra member said they weren’t comparing him with Chiaki. But Matsuda said to them that even Jean Donnadieu from De Champs Orchestra insignificant in his presence. Then he went out of the cafe.

While walking in the street town, he murmured about the Paris orchestra which in fact to him was too many (he said there were 4 orchestras called “national orchestras”). He also murmured that every year the financing getting lower and lower because of that too many orchestras and he wished that Roux Marlet and De Champs would disappear soon. Later he also pissed off because of Chiaki became the principal of Roux Marlet Orchestra in such a young age (and in fact, younger than him).

After the murmuring, still on the street side, her girlfriend, Mai, called him from Tokyo. He thought that her girlfriend already missed him so much but he was wrong 😀 Her girlfriend just want him buy a macaron and a perfume. He replied her that he can’t do it because he was in the way to go to the orchestra. Then she insisted to buy it tomorrow when he didn’t have any activities. After he heard that, he felt angry because no support for him at all.

Then the scene continue to the Recyl Symphony performancing Wagner’s Tannhäuser Overture where Matsuda as the conductor. Chiaki and Kuroki saw the performance and they both agreed that Tannhäuser Overture perfectly fit for Matsuda personality. After the performance, Caroline, a ballerina, said to Matsuda that was her last visit. But Matsuda thought her as his girlfriend and thought her wanted to break up the relationship. Bad news for Matsuda, she wanted to clear out their relationship and she never ever thought that she had a boyfriend (that is Matsuda) though she liked him. So Matsuda was dumped. He murmured again complaining that was not his “future diary” 😀 It supposed to be good in Matsuda’s thought.

Later, Chiaki and Kuroki showed up and I think both of them were at there for a quite time allowing them to hear long enough the conversation between Matsuda and Caroline. Chiaki said the Elizabeth fled, laughing at Matsuda’s back. But Matsuda said the opposite, that wasn’t his Elizabeth and later he asked them for drinking. Fastly enough, Kuroki was escaping, said that he wanted prepare his reeds that night. Chiaki also tried to escape Matsuda’s invitation but unfortunately he failed. Matsuda said he wanted to share the secret of success to him.

So, Chiaki and Matsuda now at the bar. Matsuda showed to Chiaki her Elizabeth, that is Mai (the one who called him before) and brag about her being rich and his soon-to-be father in law fanciness of him. In his mind, Matsuda imagined the “future diary” he wants with her 😀 that Matsuda really-really imaginative person.

Chiaki then remind him about the idea Matsuda had before (that is, “the secret of success”). But Matsuda reject him and said to him whether he remembered or not the day after the performance of the Rising Star Orchestra. Matsuda said the liquid cheesecake from that time actually unexpectedly delicious. Chiaki then asked him again about the secret of success he wanted to talk about. But Matsuda was escaping, said why he wanted to do that 😀 poor Chiaki.

Then Matsuda said, why Chiaki didn’t introduce him with Stressman since he was his pupil or to Chiaki’s father. Chiaki said that’s aside. Chiaki asked him how the Rising Star Orchestra was. Matsuda told him his experience with the orchestra members, especially the passionate-looking of the concert master, that is Takahashi 😀 I think he didn’t know that Takahashi is gay. Then he bragged himself to be more mature than Chiaki.

Later, Matsuda asked Chiaki what his girlfriend like, how big her breast is, etc. Chiaki feel annoyed with the conversation asked to leave. Then Matsuda tried to change the topic… which is no other else… he wanted to talked about French women 😀 so similar with Stressman.

The scene continue with Chiaki peeping his room, tried to confirm that there were no Nodame inside. Matsuda murmured again that he wanted to take a pee. Then Chiaki let him use his bathroom. Matsuda without hesitation run to the bathroom and release his natural call. Here’s the comedy part… he didn’t know that Nodame taking bath there and she looked at his p**is, targeting like a sniper 😀 Matsuda then asked Nodame to come out from her bath tub so he could see hers too but Nodame, of course, wouldn’t. Then they play with the water of the bath tub, trying to defense and offense (just like a tug of war).

Later Chiaki came in and release their fighting. After Nodame and Matsuda at outside, they were argumenting again how Nodame was a weirdo, not normal girl, etc and how Matsuda was a pervert, the unusual way he took a pee, etc. Chiaki who knew the situation and murmured that he will just get the crap a.k.a. the dirty room for his apartment, tried to take Nodame out of his room. But before it happened, Matsuda realise that it was his apartment and how big it is. Later Nodame explained to him that was only Chiaki who have such a big apartment. She also bragged about her being Chiaki’s wife, etc 😀 Then Nodame kicked out by Chiaki.

Chiaki then told Matsuda about his no other option for choosing girlfriend and Matsuda laughing at him. A moment later, Mai called Matsuda and asked him insistly to conduct the Fifteen Boys Band. Matsuda later got angry and hanged her call up. Chiaki then asked him to go out of his apartment.

Matsuda later walked alone and a moment later called Caroline. But sadly, Caroline hanged up the telephone. He then realised there were someone following him, that is Takahashi. Then Takahashi, as I expected, tried to convinced him for drinking and sharing stories, and of course, all of it in Matsuda’s room. Matsuda who just have being dumped again by Caroline, without any further thought, accept it (he thought, maybe it’s good to guide a young person who have passion to music like Takahashi).

The scene continue with Mine, Matsumi, and Sagojo in Uraken. Sagojo ordered a hamburger and Mine took it. But later, Mine realised that his father recipe book wasn’t there. Matsumi then pointed out to a notebook on the table. Mine said it seemed not the one. Later the three of them read it and realised that the notebook actually was Matsuda’s diary. Later Matsuda called Uraken and Mine answered it. From the telephone Mine heard strange voice of Takahashi and later he knew that Matsuda being “executed” by Takahashi 😀

And that’s all for this episode.