Well, guess this is my first post in 2011 and I want to report in about the future concert that will take place in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta. There is a concert named Cantabile! by Twilite Orchestra conducted by Addie, MS. The concert will take place in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta on 27th January 2011 at 7:30 pm.

Cantabile! Concert Poster

Cantabile! Concert Poster

This concert is the first regular concert in 2011 by Twilite Orchestra. The concert will perform these pieces:

  1. Montagues & Capulets from “Romeo and Juliet” (Prokofiev)
  2. Symphony No. 7, 1st movement (Beethoven)
  3. Etude Op. 10 No. 4 (Chopin)
  4. Petrouchka (Stravinsky)
  5. Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)
  6. Symphony No. 4, 1st movement (Mendelssohn)
  7. Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov)

As you can see from above, the pieces were in Nodame Cantabile japanese manga. So the name of the concert, Cantabile!, took from it. The pianists who will play those pieces are:

  1. Levi Gunardi,
  2. Kazuha Nakahara,
  3. Gita Bayuratri, and
  4. Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi

Eager to know more? There are 3 ticket schemes available, which are:

  1. GOLD, Rp 500 000
  2. SILVER, Rp 250 000
  3. STUDENT, Rp 100 000

Unfortunately, I was late to know about this concert’s detail info and now, the only ticket available is GOLD one 😦 (me too want to watch this concert… hope Metro TV cast it live).