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As one of Bina Nusantara University alma mater, I would like to share this news to everyone 🙂 Come and join this event.

Paramabira Annual Concert 2011 - Ancient Wisdom

Paramabira Annual Concert 2011 - Ancient Wisdom

PARAMABIRA (Paduan Suara Mahasiswa Bina Nusantara) presents an Annual Concert with the theme: Ancient Wisdom – Songs of Faith, Devotion, and Peace, which is based on religious text and sacred tune. The choir will be led by Rainier Revireino as the conductor.

The concert will be held two times at two places:

  1. Jakarta: Usmar Ismail Hall, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. C-22, Jakarta, on Thursday, 15th Sep 2011 07:30 PM (Tickets: VIP Rp 100.000,- Regular Rp 75.000,-)
  2. Yogyakarta: TBY Societet, Jl. Sriwedari No. 1, Kel. Ngupasan, Kec. Gondomanan, Yogyakarta, on 17th Sep 2011 07:30 PM (Tickets: Rp 25.000,-)

And here’s the songs’ detail:

  1. O Virtus Sapientiae | Hildegard von Bingen
  2. O Magnum Mysterium | Javier Busto
  3. Kyrie | Park Jung Sun
  4. Anima Christi | Ryan Cayabyab
  5. Bapa Kami | Perry Rumengan
  6. Lacrymosa | Calixto Alvares
  7. Jubilate Deo | Rainier Revireino
  8. Way Over in Beulahland | Trad. Spiritual arr. Joseph Jennings (after this is INTERMISSION)
  9. Ani Ma’amin | Ancient Hebrew Chant arr. Paul Caldwell & Sean Ivory
  10. Voices of Autumn | Jackson Hill
  11. Somon | Hideki Cihara
  12. Dravidian Dithyramb | Victor Paranjoti
  13. Zikr | A.R. Rahman arr. Ethan Sperry
  14. Bau Leko | East Timor Chant arr. Rainier Revireino
  15. Ilay Gandangan | Magundanoan Chant arr. Rodolfo Delarmente
  16. Baba Yetu (Swahili adaptation of “ The Lord’s Prayer”) | Chris Kiagiri

Interested? Well, you can contact these persons:

  • Cintya +628170796177
  • Kevin +628988999914

Today, when I had my lunch, I got a shocking news. It seems Harry Potter 7 Part 2 won’t be at any theater/cinema tomorrow. As one of Harry Potter fans, I’m really sad when I hear it. And no one knows what destiny will come…

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Poster (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Poster (courtesy of Wikipedia)

From the news (links: here and here), the only one Hollywood-based film importer, that is Omega Film, had trouble again. Yesterday, they said they got the permission to import Harry Potter 7 Part 2 and hopefully, it will be in theater/cinema as per 15th July. But now, their permission had been postponed until… – not mentioned in the news. So, I can summarize here, Harry Potter 7 Part 2 likely will be delayed or canceled 😦 and not just Harry Potter, but other Hollywood-based film too.

Just hope the trouble will be cleared as soon as possible.

UPDATE (15th July 2011 09:00 AM (GMT+07)): It seems Harry Potter 7 Part 2 will be delayed (thanks God). You can read the news here.

Few Orchids Blooming

These pictures were taken almost a month ago but I didn’t have time to upload it on my blog and now, you can see it. This time, it’s very few, only 3 orchids were blooming. Cymbidium finlaysonianum or Pandan orchid were the surprised present I got. This orchid was blooming without anyone knew it. As you can see from the picture below, the flowers were in full blossom totally. Fortunately, I still have time to picture it 🙂 Enjoy.

Recently, on my office’s project, I got a complain from client regarding the slowness of Ajax request in Internet Explorer (all version, the worst is IE 6) but not other browser. Not only slow (more than 10 seconds), but sometimes it could make the IE hung.

IE 6 Logo

IE 6 Logo

I’ve made an observation and I could conclude that the problem was not on my code or the database query or other else. The problem occurred only when an UpdatePanel make an asynchronous postback request. It seemed the HTML rendering (or I should say the JS process) took a very large amount of time.

Then I search via Google and found these links: here and here. The solution provided on those web pages really helped me a lot. The rendering process is much faster now 🙂

Charity Click for Japan

I’ve just got this from KasKus, today, and I think I’ll make a useful post in my blog here to help everyone who wants to help Japan but don’t know where to start. It’s kind of an advertising but every click you do will be sent to Japan (seems like a Google AdSense but for charity). And I hope WordPress will not suspend my blog because of this (hope I’m not crossing the WordPress’ T&C). So, long story short, here’s the link 😀

Open the link above and find a button that looks like the image below:

Click Here

Click Here

After you clicked, you’ll get this screen as a thank you.

Snapshot Screen

Snapshot Screen

Well, guess this is my first post in 2011 and I want to report in about the future concert that will take place in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta. There is a concert named Cantabile! by Twilite Orchestra conducted by Addie, MS. The concert will take place in Balai Sarbini, Jakarta on 27th January 2011 at 7:30 pm.

Cantabile! Concert Poster

Cantabile! Concert Poster

This concert is the first regular concert in 2011 by Twilite Orchestra. The concert will perform these pieces:

  1. Montagues & Capulets from “Romeo and Juliet” (Prokofiev)
  2. Symphony No. 7, 1st movement (Beethoven)
  3. Etude Op. 10 No. 4 (Chopin)
  4. Petrouchka (Stravinsky)
  5. Rhapsody in Blue (Gershwin)
  6. Symphony No. 4, 1st movement (Mendelssohn)
  7. Piano Concerto No. 2 (Rachmaninov)

As you can see from above, the pieces were in Nodame Cantabile japanese manga. So the name of the concert, Cantabile!, took from it. The pianists who will play those pieces are:

  1. Levi Gunardi,
  2. Kazuha Nakahara,
  3. Gita Bayuratri, and
  4. Victoria Audrey Sarasvathi

Eager to know more? There are 3 ticket schemes available, which are:

  1. GOLD, Rp 500 000
  2. SILVER, Rp 250 000
  3. STUDENT, Rp 100 000

Unfortunately, I was late to know about this concert’s detail info and now, the only ticket available is GOLD one 😦 (me too want to watch this concert… hope Metro TV cast it live).

Facebook Zynga’s Games Gifts Links

Okay, after such a long hiatus, right now, I can’t write something long to post in here. But recently, or I should say this year, I’ve become too addicted to Facebook’s games, such as: Farm Ville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, and Treasure Isle. Long story short, I just want to share this gifts links so everyone who plays it can send these gifts to other friends easily. I’ll put more links and pictures whenever I have a time.

Cafe World

Spice Rack

  1. Spice Shelf –
  2. Spice Large Jar –
  3. Spice Medium Jar –
  4. Spice Small Jar –
  5. Spice Jar Lid –

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Song for tonight, Hayley Westenra’s Lullaby of Nemunoki from Hayley Westenra Sing Japanese Songs 2 album. Enjoy!

Here’s the lyric:

ねんねの ねむの木 眠りの木
nenneno nemuno ki nemuri no ki

そっとゆすった その枝に
sottoyusutta sono eda ni

遠い昔の 夜の調べ
tooi mukashi no yo no shirabe

ねんねの ねむの木 子守歌
nenneno nemuno ki komoriuta

薄紅の 花の咲く
usukurenai no hana no saku

ねむの木蔭で ふと聞いた
nemuno ki kokage de futo kii ta

小さなささやき ねむの声
chiisa nasasayaki nemuno koe

ねんね ねんねと 歌ってた
nenne nenneto utatte ta

故里の夜(よ)の ねむの木は
furusato no yo no nemuno ki wa

今日も歌って いるでしょか
kyou mo utatte irudeshoka

あの日の夜の ささやきを
ano nichi no yoru no sasayakiwo

ねむの木 ねんねの木 子守歌
nemuno ki nenneno ki komoriuta

Researcher from LIPI, Destario Metusala, found a new orchid species at Kalimantan, named Dendrobium Kelamense D.Metusala, P.O’Byrne and J.J.Wood.

The orchid is from genus Dendrobium section Calcarifera which have its center population in West Indonesia, especially in Sumatra island. And from 29 known species, 20 of them are endemic.

Rio stated that the place where him and his researcher colleagues found the orchid will be kept in secret for conservation purposes. He stated in his email to Media Indonesia: “Because when a new species came out, usually it will be followed by a big exploitation of the orchid in its natural habitat”. His researcher colleagues are P. O’Byrne, an orchid expert from Singapore, and the other one, J.J. Wood, comes from Kew Herbarium, United Kingdom.

Dendrobium kelamense, D.Metusala, P.O'Byrne & J.J.Wood

Dendrobium kelamense (courtesy of Destario Metusala, usage with his permission)

This new species had been published in Malesian Orchid Journal, an international journal, in March 2010 edition. This orchid growed in cluster and epiphytic, and each mature stem have long vary between 60 cm to 110 cm.

The inflorescent grow from near-tip of the stem and each one have long vary between 5 cm to 8.5 cm with 12 buds of the flower. Each perfectly blossom flower have height around 2 cm and width 3 cm to 3.5 cm. Its petal and sepal have bright-and-glossy yellow colour with maroon colour parallel spot pattern.

Other orchid species which had similar morphology with this orchid is Dendrobium panduriferum. The difference between both can be seen from its labellum. Dendrobium kelamense‘s labellum have U-shaped calus in between side lobus and the edge of middle lobus is nearly jaggy.

According to Rio, this orchid, Dendrobium kelamense, have big potential for mass cultivation.

Reporter (read: Woman) Obsession?

This morning, like other particular days, I opened a news website such as Kompas, Detik, or Antara, just want to know what had happened these days. Suddenly, my eyes starred to this news this morning: David Beckham’s Crotch Being Grabbed by Italian Reporter… LOL, how this could happen? Here’s the live video:

So, why does the reporter, Elena Di Cioccio, grabbed David’s crotch? Here’s the snapshot of the news (source from here):

“Off the pitch we have seen fascinating photographs of David Beckham in his underpants and seemingly very well endowed and even his wife says that he is well equipped and calls him Golden Balls,” Di Cioccio said. “Well the image may have slipped slightly as he has been replaced in the Armani campaign by a younger footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo, but we wanted to find out if he was as well endowed as the pictures suggest or if they were touched up.”

So, it seemed that she’s really obsessed and curious to know how big “it” is. LOL… and as seen in the video above, she really prepared the action very well, even she used yellow gloves to grab David’s… LOL 😀 I don’t know whether David Beckham was angry or not, but I think he’s quite mad with that “accident” and surely not happy as seen his face in the video above.

Once again, LOLLLLLL 😀